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Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

New Delhi Project

Waste Management Operation at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

Sharda Enterprises providing solid waste management (SWM) services to Delhi airport since may 2012. Delhi Airport is one of the busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic in the world. The SWM services one license fee based agreement.

Approx quantity of waste handled is 22-25 Tons/Day at Delhi International Airport which is one of the busiest Airport in the world. Approx quantity handled 5-8 Tons/Day at Hyderabad Airport. Vehicles deployed- Chassis mounted Hydraulic Compactors, Auto Tippers, Multi Cap Refuse Collectors. Dedicated Resource Recovery Facility. Recyclable Material is disposed off to the authorized recyclers authorized by respective State Pollution Control Board. Collection, Transportation and disposal of waste from the following area, All passenger terminal buildings. Airside area, Hangers, House keeping contractors. From ground handling agents the wast collected there off during Aircraft cleaning. Delhi International Airport (DIAL) offices. Transport maintenance workshop. Parking Area/Lots. Any other places identified by DIAL from time to time. Procurement and installation of waste collection Bins as specified. Cleaning and retrieval of waste Bins provided by DIAL and the Licensee. Replacement of waste bins provided by the licensee. Waste segregation at source, as per standards specified in services performance standards.